Therapy For Adults In Maryland

Therapy For Adults In Maryland - Individual Counseling To Get Your Life Back On Track

If you are reading this, you are likely at your wits end and tired with things being as they are. Every day you wake up telling yourself “this is going to be a good day,” and then something happens, leading the rest of your day to spiral out of control.

You’re questioning the person you thought you were because you aren’t meeting personal goals you had set for yourself. Each time you try to accomplish something, you either talk yourself out of it, or you become so overwhelmed that it doesn’t go as you planned.

You spend many sleepless nights with racing thoughts about how to fix your problems and criticizing yourself. You realize that you have some major, scary decisions to make to help you get your life back, but you’re afraid that you will fail.

Ultimately you feel sad, lonely, terrified and inadequate, and it’s affecting several areas of your life.

On top of that, your body isn’t handling your worries too well. And if you have a chronic illness, the worries and stress cause your body to shut down. You feel angry and defeated thinking that your body just won’t let you be great…

Whether you experience chronic pain, tension, difficulty sleeping or focusing, you no longer recognize who you are. You’ve had to make many changes just to get through the day, and you wonder how others see you.

Now, you worry about how much longer this is going to be your reality, and you want it to change.

How Does Individual Counseling Work?

Alicia Dorn, LCPC is a therapist for Adults In Maryland. Alicia is accepting new patients, please inquire today.

Therapy will start with your goals in mind. Stress and worries are tough, but they don’t have to control your life. I help my clients feel more in control of their lives by learning how to manage stress in a helpful way (mentally, physically and emotionally).

We talk through the challenges you’re having in a way that supports you to work through it – not avoid it. You’ll start to notice what’s not working for you, and practice the strategies that help you feel more relaxed, focused and confident.

You’ll develop a closer relationship with your body, becoming more aware of what you need in different situations before they get out of hand. By the end of it, you will have come up with a plan to address your challenges head on rather than giving up on yourself, your day and your goals.

Instead of fear, you’ll feel proud.

You’ll no longer have to cover your feelings with a smile, because you will be able to express your needs confidently at work, school, home and your social life. The more you do these things, you’ll be able to feel more relief and fulfilled in areas of your life.

And yes, you’ll have your life back!

2 Important Things To Know Before Starting Therapy

What Groups Do You Offer For Adults?

We are currently enrolling in two groups: The Bi-Weekly Chronic Illness Group for Maryland residents and a 6-Week Group that is open across all 50 states.

Discussion and activities will include:

Group counseling for adults living with one or more chronic illnesses.

Final session will include a Question & Answer session with a Naturopathic Doctor, who will help you discover other natural ways to support your mind and body.  May 2022. Cost $300.