Teen Counseling For Adolescents

Teen Counseling & Adolescent Therapy To Help Your Kid Get Their Life On Track

Thanks for taking a few minutes to learn more about the ins and outs of teen counseling. If your teen is having a hard time, you’re in the right place.

You see your teen being more emotional or shut down than usual, and you’re not sure what’s wrong. Or maybe you do know what’s wrong, but are not sure how to help them.

Other areas of their life are beginning to change for the worst (i.e., losing friends, lower grades in school, school avoidance or more absences, staying in their room all day, etc.). They feel sick more often, telling you they have headaches or stomach aches, but the doctor says they are “fine.”

I get it… stress and worries can bring this on for your teen, making their already complicated life overwhelming.

If they do have a chronic illness, it adds much more stress because everyone in the household feels more out of control. You want your teen to have a good life and be happy, but they don’t know who they are now that they have a chronic illness to address every day.

Below you’ll find more information about what it’s like to do teen counseling with me. I’m happy to answer any other questions you may have after reading it, email me at amdorn@aliciadorncounseling.com to either talk more about the process or to explore working together.

What You Should Know About Teen Counseling…

Teen counseling can be fun and sometimes challenging, as kids learn more ways to express and meet their own needs. One of the most important things to know is that your teen may not immediately open up about their problems.

The process of therapy doesn’t change how they feel overnight. With time, and as they get to know me as their counselor, teens report feeling comfortable sharing what’s going on in their lives, in their relationships, and working through what brought them to therapy.

As they learn more about themselves and their emotions, we apply new skills to help them adjust to stress, anxiety, and sadness in more helpful/meaningful ways.

Should I be prepared to join my teen in counseling with you?

Yes. Parents/caregivers participate in at least one session monthly. You will be invited to participate in some counseling sessions to talk through challenges as your teen is ready to open up to you. This is also the perfect time to practice skills with them so that you feel more prepared to help them outside of therapy.

You can also schedule time to speak with me without your teen present, as needed.

How Teen Counseling Can Reduce Your Child’s Anxiety Or Stress Around Friends, College, Health Concerns & More.

Teen counseling allows them to be real about what’s happening in their life, regardless of the situation or topic. It can be helpful for your teen to gain perspective around what’s going on in their life and see how many others experience the same stuff. We can practice how to respond to certain situations so they feel more empowered and prepared to conquer challenges outside of therapy.

Teens also learn new ways to stop overthinking and use supportive thoughts to guide them through uncomfortable moments. Because stress and anxiety are often part of life, we work on helping your teen to cope with worries in a healthy way. This supports your teen’s ability to take on bigger challenges as they mature and eventually leave home.

Can You Help My Teen Cope With Their Chronic Illness?

When chronic illness strikes (whether it’s new to their life or something your child has dealt with for years) the key to helping teens is in teaching them both acceptance and empowerment. Thriving with a chronic illness happens when your teen has a plan to manage their day-to-day emotions along with their realistic limitations.

Together, we create this plan to help your child relieve anxiety and tension along with skills to communicate their needs so they feel more equipped out in the real world when they need support.

I teach this plan to the teen and their parents so that everyone involved has a mutual playbook to rely on when stress arises.

How Long Does Counseling Last?

Counseling lasts as long as your teen needs the support and agrees to treatment. Whether your teen is in counseling for 6 months, a year or longer, we will discuss their progress and next steps in every session.

What Groups Do You Offer For Teens?

                      Our Teen Groups are currently on a break. We will update you when enrollment has opened for new groups.

5 Tips To Help Your Teen Feel Ready To Start Group Or Individual Counseling


Let them know that you see they’re having a hard time


Find out what they want to change or improve


Encourage them to talk about their feelings with someone who can help


Inform them of how things can change for the better through counseling


5. Allow them to help in the search for a counselor or meeting during a consultation

Getting Started

Schedule a free 15-minute consultation to meet with me. We can discuss your goals in the meeting and make a decision about when to begin counseling (or join a group) if the fit feels right. Once we have a plan, I’ll schedule your intake evaluation and you will receive a link to open your private therapy portal.

All paperwork and counseling sessions are completed on the portal. All material shared with me either in writing or in person is confidential.

To get started, email me at amdorn@aliciadorncounseling.com to either talk more about the process or to explore working together.