Group Counseling In Maryland

Group Counseling Services In Maryland

Alicia Dorn, LCPC Is A Group Counselor In Maryland.

Alicia is accepting new patients, please call 443-977-4885 or email me at

Thanks for taking a few minutes to learn more about group counseling.

If you are having a hard time feeling connected with others since you’ve been diagnosed with your chronic illness, you’re in the right place. 

Adults supporting one another in group therapy on Alicia Dorn Counseling page.
Teens talking about chronic illness in group therapy with Alicia Dorn Counseling.

Dealing With Chronic Illness In Group Counseling

Chances are that you likely interact with people who don’t understand what it takes to be you everyday, and that is a frustrating experience. You are no stranger to hearing people assume that you’re “lazy,” “wanting attention,” and “being dramatic” when talking about how your health affects you.

The experiences of a chronically ill person are different, and there are many pressures on you to fit into society’s expectations to be “productive” and “successful.” But you know that your journey is different, and you could use some support figuring out how to make your life work for you.

Ultimately you want to surround yourself with people who “get it” and won’t dismiss you when talking about your struggles with your health. 

I get it. I’m glad you’re here.

Benefits of Chronic Illness Group Counseling

  1. Connect with people who understand your struggles with your health
  2. Talk about the hard stuff that you can’t bring up with others in your life
  3. Learn helpful ways to manage with your chronic illness symptoms 
  4. Practice coping skills to handle your feelings 
  5. Hear success stories from other chronically ill people 
  6. Experience lower levels of stress
  7. Feel less isolated 
  8. Feel better prepared to support yourself in your community.

Virtual Chronic Illness Support Group For Teens

We are offering a 6-week group that helps chronically ill teens manage their life, cope with challenges and build a supportive community.

Teens Living with Chronic Illness

Group Dates: TBD

Price: $325

Virtual Chronic Illness Support Group For Adults

Now Enrolling!

We are offering two 6-week groups that help chronically ill adults manage their health symptoms, boost their mood and build a supportive community.

Group 1: Young Adults 20-40

Tuesdays October 3rd – November 7th  6-7pm EST

Group 2: Adults 41-55

Thursdays October 5th – November 9th  6-7pm EST

Price: $325

Additional Support for Participants:

Family Support Sessions available for $100 (45-minutes) upon request.
Zoom link and Group Workbook sent out upon registration.
Offered in ALL 50 states!

Getting Started

Schedule a free 15-minute consultation to begin. We will discuss your goals and make a decision about working together. You will then receive all group paperwork and payment information to be completed to secure your spot in the group. Once payment and forms are completed, you will receive the link for the group. All material shared with me either in writing or in person is confidential.

To get started, please call me at 443-977-4885 or email me at to either talk more about the process or explore working together.