I'm out of the office on maternity leave and will be accepting new clients when I return in October 2024. ~ Alicia

Chronic Illness Therapist In Maryland

As a chronic illness therapist, I’m profoundly aware of the toll it can take on your life, your marriage, and your family. I help people feel more in control of the chaos so they can get their life back.

If you need help with chronic illness and mental health, I’m here for you.

Facing Chronic Illness & Mental Health Challenges Together

Whether you’re newly diagnosed or have been living with chronic illness for years, it’s easy to feel alone with your struggles. Chronic illness affects every area of your life and finding the resources and tools to manage the changes you’re facing can be hard.

You’re not alone. I have worked as a chronic illness therapist for many years and would love to support you as you figure out how to bring more peace, less stress, and a greater perspective to the road ahead.

Meet Alicia Dorn, MS, LCPC

I’m Alicia Dorn, a licensed therapist in Maryland and also someone living with chronic illness. I get what’s going on for you personally and professionally. The daily struggles and chaos can feel overwhelming; it’s easy to lose sight of how to find joy in the daily moments. I help my clients make sense of what’s going on in their lives, whether big or small. Sometimes that means adjusting to the circumstance of their illness, other times it’s finding creative ways to manage the stress of daily living.

I’m also a powerful sounding board because I get where you are. Chronic illness has changed your life and that brings up powerful emotions. I’m here to help you as you adjust, accept, and move through whatever life has brought your way.

Chronic Illness & Mental Health Services

Anxiety and worry are natural byproducts of chronic illness. Life has not been what you thought it would be and that brings its own fears about the future. Whether you have a chronic illness or you love and care for someone with one, I am here to help.

Teens are facing the challenges of fitting into their social life, but that is harder with a chronic illness. This can lead to depression, anxiety, and feeling out of place. I can help your teen learn how to make sense of their chronic illness and cope with all that life brings their way.

Adulthood with a chronic illness (yours or someone you care for) is challenging because you’re still expected to be productive like everyone else in spite of your health and limitations. It can make you question who you are at a time in your life when you expect everything to be figured out. I help you work on accepting where you are with your illness and finding a better sense of balance.

Chronic illness affects everyone in the family and that brings up its own challenges. Whether you’re the person dealing with an illness, or you’re caring for your loved ones with a chronic illness, I can help you make sense of it all.

Group Therapy

Group counseling for adults living with one or more chronic illnesses.

Group therapy is uniquely beneficial to people with chronic illness. I offer specific groups for teens and adults to help navigate their illness. Groups are affordable and everyone grows from the wisdom of their peers.

Currently enrolling clients for our Spring Chronic illness Support Groups.

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